Submitting A News Story

News could be any of the following…

  • A follow up to an event, e.g. review, photos, news of funds raised, opening ceremonies
  • Local news, good, bad or otherwise
  • Changes to local services and infrastructure
  • Sports results
  • Etc.

When we are sent a news story we will add it to our website, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Send your news story to editor@chessington.orgit would be appreciated if you could follow the guidelines below:-

  • Put the headline in the subject, this is both the title of the news story and will be posted on Twitter
  • If you want to mention an organisation, e.g. charity event benefactor, you can use the Twitter @name in the subject so they get a mention
  • In the body of the email put…
    • The news story itself
  • If you have a photograph(s) for your news story send it as an attachment to the email in high-resolution jpeg format
  • If you have a logo send it as an attachment to the email in high-resolution jpeg format, we like logo’s square ;-). If you cannot provide an image we will use the placeholder below.

Image not supplied

  • Please avoid just sending us the news story in an image, Word document, PDF or PowerPoint, this means we have to try and extract text and images and may introduce errors
  • If you are sending us any images or photographs please ensure you have the rights to the content and permission of anyone in the photograph. The sender assumes this liability
  • We reserve the right to edit your submission for editorial and design purposes