Yorda Playhouse has so much to offer local children – with and without disabilities!

Yorda Playhouse is on Devon Way in Chessington.  If you’ve never been, then you’ve never experienced the great work they do.

Yorda Adventures is a not-for-profit community organisation that works with families in and around the borough of Kingston-upon-Thames providing play and short breaks for children with severe learning disabilities.   They pride themselves in providing engaging and stimulating play projects for children and young people.

To read all about Yorda please click here – http://www.yordaadventures.co.uk/about.html

Playhouse sessions – Yorda runs drop-in friendly sessions during the school holidays for children under 12 with or without disabilities.  Children can enjoy messy play, singing and story time, discos, sensory play, cooking and planting as well as the bouncy castle, trampolines, soft play, bikes and scooters.  For more information and to book for Wednesday 24th October and Thursday 25th October please visit their website – https://yordaplayhouse.co.uk/playgroup/

After School Club – Yorda run an after school club in partnership with Dysart School.

Forest Adventures – Yorda has a wonderful woodland on site that has been specially developed to enable children and groups to enjoy at their own pace and for their own purposes.  There are many activities including den building, worm hunting, welly wading, tree swings, fun crafts and cooking.

Children’s Parties – Yorda has 2 halls, soft play, bouncy castle and a large outdoor space to provide a great venue for children’s birthday parties or a family celebration.  There is also a large kitchen with cooker and microwave for catering.

Venue Hire – Yorda has different spaces to hire and with flexible options for events / club bookings with car parking.

Support Yorda – Yorda relies on donations and grants to do what they do. If you would like to help support their work there are many simple ways you can make a big difference. Please see their website for more ways in which you can help and info – – http://www.yordaadventures.co.uk/support.html

Yorda Playhouse, Devon Way, Chessington, KT9 2RJ.

Telephone: 07939 844978 | Email: laura@yordaadventures.co.uk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yordaadventures/yorda-playhouse1 (1)39943639_10156515589051904_176326927399780352_n43065463_10156613443051904_1386064875033198592_o43519215_10156624038206904_8918320537252397056_o


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