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Organisation Type: School and Education

Organisation / Business Name: Piglets Preschool


Piglets Preschool
Chessington Community College
Garrison Ln

Email Address:

Website: please_add

Contact Phone Number: +44 208 3972006


piglets logo: @PigletsChessington

Piglets pre school has been running since June 1991. In December 2015 the provision was graded as “Outstanding” for the second time by Ofsted.

We deliver the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum where our planning is based around a wide range of activities which are aimed at helping your child develop to the best of their ability. This includes painting, craftwork, music, singing, dancing, free play, sand, water, cooking and other activities intended to stimulate your childs interest.

Twitter: N/A
Facebook: @PigletsChessington


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