#Chessington Special Education Needs Garden – Projects 4 and 5, Sheds and Tools

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Chessington Community College, St. Phillips School and Ellingham Primary School are looking for companies to pick one of the recommended projects by the Special Educational Needs pupils and teachers to give the biggest benefit to three schools, maximising sensory impact.

Projects 4 and 5: Sheds and Tools

These two projects needs a firm base to be made. They would appreciate if the tool shed could come with child friendly tools.

Children benefit from the gardening in a variety of ways, It engages the senses….

With gardening, kids can touch and feel the dirts, seeds and flowers, see the vibrant colours and varied sizes of plants, hears the sound of the vegetable when it is taken from the plant and smell the amazing scents of the flowers. Allowing all the senses to be involved helps kids understand the grasp of the concept of gardening along with all the math and scientific concepts the go along with it.

Encourages Healthy Eating

Enhances Fine Motor Developement

Introduces Kids to Scientific Concepts

Teaches Responsibility

Highlights the Importance of Taking Care of the Environment

If you or your company are interested in helping with this worthwhile project please contact:

Tony Mills, Chair of the Governors, amills44@ccc.rbksch.org

Tracy Dale, Chair of the Chessington PTA, tdale11@ccc.rbksch.org


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