Would your children like to try horse riding, try the Kids Clubs at Chessington Equestrian Centre

Chessington Equestrian CentreTHE KIDS CLUB

We have a Kids Club to suite all abilities for the young rider and all follow the same lesson plan.  45 minutes riding in a group and 45 minutes stable management.  You can book Kids Club once a week, once a fortnight or once a month- it is completely up to you how often you wish children to attend.  Each Kids Club session is £40.

Kids Club

For beginners aged 4 years old and upwards. Children will be on the lead rein and can join this group without the need for an Assessment Lesson.

  • Saturday @ 10:15am
  • Sunday @ 11:30am

Kids Club Plus

For children who have progressed from Kids Club who can walk and trot off the lead rein and are working towards canter.

  • Saturday @ 11am

Kids Club Advanced

For children who can walk, trot and canter off the lead rein and who can jump or are learning to.

  • Sunday @ 2pm

Contact details are here.


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