Chessington Community College Shows Off It’s Creative Side! – Great turnout for their annual #chessingtonLAFTAs

Golden Statues
All the golden mini statues, ready for the winner announcements.

On 22nd of June Chessington Community College held it’s annual LAFTA’s, Literary Artistic Film and Theatrical Awards, a celebration of all things creative at the school.

The event has a Hollywood Oscars theme and the students are nominated in key categories, with the winner taking home a “mini statue”; any resemblance to the Oscars award is purely coincidental 😉

The event, complete with red carpet, had an exhibition of all the creative work that the students have completed over the year, everything from making short films, creating magazine covers, art, posters, catering and design.

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The event was well attended with the school’s David Kemp Atrium Theatre at full capacity!

A full theatre
A full theatre ready for the big winner announcements

The day after Chessington Community College (@chessington_col) tweeted….

Banners ready!
The whole school was decorated for the event, a big thank you to all the staff and students!


Chessington Community Matters would like to say a big well done to all the nominees and winners, some amazing creativity on show!


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