Holiday Weekend Weather Forecast for #Chessington From May 26, 2017 by @HortonWeather

Friday – 26th May 2017 27C / 16C
Very warm and very sunny, clear skies…. wear sunblock and enjoy!

Saturday –  27th May 2017 27C / 13C

Should be mostly dry all day, very warm. There will be a chance of thunderstorms in the morning.

Sunday – 28th May 2017 24C / 14C

Dry but cloudy morning, heavy rain in the afternoon.

Monday – 29th May 22C / 13C

Expect rain all day, may be heavy at times. Very occasional bright spells.

Summary – 26th to 29th May, 2017

Friday will be the best day, clear sunny and a high of 27C. Saturday is when the weather will start to decline, similar temperature to Friday but cloudy and chance of thunderstorms AM. Sunday will start cloudy but dry, by midday there will be a chance of heavy rain, still warm. Holiday Monday will be cooler and a high chance of rain throughout the day, any rain may be very heavy.


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