Our Improved Directory Service

As you may have noticed we have been updating our directory listings here at Chessington Community Matters.

Our new and improved directory has more details and information than before and will be based on four listing categories.

We also are looking for listed organisations to contribute directly to our services, which in April reached over 40,000 people living, working or connected to Chessington!

If your organisation is struggling with being online or if your website is proving to be took difficult or expensive to maintain, we can create an “Edition” within Chessington Community Matters dedicated to your organisation. In the “Edition” you can create and edit your own content and make it searchable; remember every article will work on PC, mobile, tablet and in our mobile app; additionally it will also appear on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

All we ask in return is for great community content!

If you would like your organisation listed in our directory, see our guide page and form. If you would like to speak to us about a dedicated “Edition” on Chessington Community Matters then email editor@chessingtoncommunitymatters.co.uk.


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