End of April 2017 report for Chessington Community Matters (@ChessingtonCM)

At the end of each month Chessington Community Matters (@ChessingtonCM) aims to publish our online statistics and a “print it yourself” edition.

Print It Yourself Edition

Our “Print It Yourself” Edition contains our main stories, ideal for sharing with people who do not have internet connectivity or sharing in common areas of your workplace or organisation. The “Print It Yourself” Edition can be downloaded here.

In addition to the “Print It Yourself” Edition, we also created a launch flyer / poster, this can be downloaded for your office / clubhouse notice board here. These posters have been distributed and put up on various community notice boards.

Online Activity Report – April 2017


People Reached = 1058

Number of Articles = 75

Top article – The Chessington Branch Line, it’s history, it’s future & why it ends the way it does!


Highest 28 day rolling reach = 6544 people on 26/04/2017

Follows = 67

Reach through advertising CCM online = 2890

Most popular post – #Chessington’s Winning Football Teams Chessington United FCChessington Kings Centre FC ; but who is better?


Total number of Tweets = 126

Impressions (the number of people seeing our tweets) = 32,500 (1,100 per day)

Retweets = 59

Likes = 88

Followers = 63

Top Tweet –  on Twitter – Today, we’re surprising those boarding to Chessington South with The Gruffalo! …


Followers = 27

Top Article – Hook Beer Festival 2018 dates


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