#Chessington’s Winning Football Teams @ChessyUnited @ChessingtonKCFC; but who is better?

This year Chessington has two winning football teams!

On April 12 Chessington’s King Centre Football Club (KCFC) won the Surrey Cup and on April 16 Chessington United won their 3rd local Premier League title in a row.

The two teams obviously celebrated in style….

As the season draws to a close it does raise a question… which of our two champion teams is the better? Perhaps we need a local derby match to decide!

If you guys do get together to answer our question; we would love to publicise and cover the game here on Chessington Community Matters! It could be the match of the season!


One comment

  1. Play on two different days though. I feel the Chessington Sunday team would prove to be a little to strong if they had a full team available from the few occasions I have watched them but should be a very good game! A friendly Chessington Cup should be arranged!!


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