What is living beneath the platform at Chessington South, myth or beast? (humour)

What is living beneath the platform at Chessington South, myth or beast?

We would all probably agree that Chessington South and other stations along the line could do with some TLC, perhaps they are awaiting the new franchise, the arrival of Crossrail 2 or is it something more sinister?

On the 18th of April, active twitter user @Buffalou73 took to social media to object to the overgrown grass and weeds at Chessington South, she tweeted….

Although the tweet mentioned @SW_Trains to everyone’s surprise the reply came from National Rail (@NationaIrailenq) and it was not what we expected…

Is there some animal living beneath Chessington South, a badger sett or a pack of foxes? It is a mythical creature, a Chessington Bogle? An escaped zoo animal? What happened last time?

Update 08:45am 19/04/2017

Ah-ha… we found the culprit, after several tweet and retweets, @NationaIrailenq is not @Nationalrailenq on twitter, the reply came from a spoof account! Look for the upper case I not an l. But we like it anyway, great fun!

Buffalou Tweet.jpeg

But just in case please email any photos or sightings to ChessingtonBogleSightings@ChessingtonCommunityMatters.co.uk

Update 09:10am 19/04/2017

@SW_Trains on twitter have replied, to us,  @Buffalou73 and both the real and fake National Rail twitter account!

Perhaps we might get the grass cut and weeds removed, community social media working at it’s best!

Update 09:40am 19/04/2017

An apology from @NationaIrailenq (fake), we like it on many levels… could end up with Chessington South grass getting cut!

from http://twitter.com/NationaIrailenq


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