@RBKingston is looking at how it can support Kingston’s Voluntary and Community Sector.

Kingston council is inviting residents to complete a survey on the voluntary and community sector in Kingston; which includes Chessington!

From their survey website

Kingston Council is looking at how to build resilience in its local communities and support capacity building of local voluntary and community groups. There are two surveys going on that aim to look at different parts of this:1. Infrastructure Support for Kingston’s Voluntary & Community Sector: Infrastructure support and capacity building to support the local voluntary & community sector to grow and be successful. The deadline is Friday, April 28th at midday, and the link is here Infrastructure Support for Kingston’s Voluntary & Community Sector

2. Volunteering and giving your time: The purpose of this questionnaire is to understand why and how people volunteer in and around the Royal Borough of Kingston. The term ‘volunteering’ in this survey includes any time you give for free to do specific activities for social good. The link can be found here, and the deadline is also midday on Friday, April 28th.

Examples such as mentoring, clear up environmental days, reading at local schools, attending resident’s association groups and activities are all considered as informal volunteering or giving your time for free, so please include these.

The information will be used as part of a project looking at helping volunteering to thrive in our borough.

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from http://twitter.com/RBKingston


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