End of March 2017 report and March 2017 Print Edition Chessington Community Matters (@ChessingtonCM)

At the end of each month Chessington Community Matters (@ChessingtonCM) aims to publish our online statistics and a “print it yourself” edition.

Print It Yourself Edition

Our “Print It Yourself” Edition contains our main stories, ideal for sharing with people who do not have internet connectivity or sharing in common areas of your workplace or organisation. The “Print It Yourself” Edition can be downloaded here.

In addition to the “Print It Yourself” Edition, we also created a launch flyer / poster, this can be downloaded for your office / clubhouse notice board here. These posters have been distributed and put up on various community notice boards.

Online Activity Report – our first 8 days!

In order to be transparent to our contributors we publish our online statistics, this is to show we are working hard for the community and driving community engagement for organisations, schools, churches, businesses and Chessington as a whole.

March 24th – Chessington Community Matters launches on http://www.chessingtoncommunitymatters.co.uk, Facebook (@ChessingtonCM) and Twitter(@ChessingtonCM).

March 27th – Due to the enormous success of sharing the South West Trains loses franchise to Chinese & First Consortium on LinkedIn, Chessington Community Matters launches as a presence on LinkedIn through Editor-CCM. This will help us engage with local businesses and people who commute in to the area.

March 30th – We launch a digital marketing campaign using paid for advertising on Facebook and Google. Facebook coverage is within a 17km of Chessington and Google advertising is to key postcodes in and around Chessington. Both campaigns will run until the 2nd April.

CCM Google Marketing

Biggest Stories Of The Month

From the 18 Events / Articles / News Stories published these are our top stories:-

Via LinkedIn – South West Trains loses franchise to Chinese & First Consortium – 888 unique views courtesy of Paul Dale

Via http://www.chessingtoncommunitymatters.co.uk – Red Nose Day Coffee Morning – 87 unique views

Via @ChessingtonCM on Facebook – Woodland Trust Trees in Chessington – 658 unique views

Performance of platforms

http://www.chessingtoncommunitymatters.co.uk – 1280 site views / 355 unique users /

Most Popular Day – Friday

Most Popular Time – 8am

Top 3 Referrers – Facebook 247 / .co.uk 83 / Twitter 57

Facebook – 11 likes / 734 people reached / 145 active post engagements

Twitter – 35 tweets / 14 followers

LinkedIn – Just starting!

Online Marketing Activity March / April Campaign – March 30th up to March 31st

Facebook – 626 People Reached

Google – 2540 People Reached (Smartphones 56%, Tablets 21%, Computers 23%)

Viral Campaign – April Fools joke story to be published and promoted via Facebook paid advertising.


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