Chessington allotment enthusiast unearths ancient history

The waterlogged allotment that led to Mr Valed’s historical discovery

— See update at the end of the article —

Today a Chessington allotment enthusiast got more than he bargained for, whilst digging a drainage trench; Mr Kõik Valed unearthed a medieval dwelling, believed to be over 700 years old. But the biggest surprise was yet to come, the dwelling also contained the remnants of a wooden cage containing the bones of a Sumatran Tiger.

The find is believed to be the first historical evidence of a zoo in the Chessington area and may have been the property of a medieval land owner or warrior. Some local historians have even speculated it could be the remnants of a home owned by the Scottish Laird, Fays Polo, who was known to have settled here in the mid medieval period.

Mr Valed said, “I was just digging in my allotment when my shovel hit an object, it was only after a few minutes I realised I had found something quite special.”

Local archeologists were soon on site to catalogue and excavate the find and have named tiger Pertama Bodoh, a traditional Indonesian name. The building is believed to be part of the ancient settlement Quodesta Iocus, predating the name of Chessington by some 550 years.

Although Mr Valed unearthed the find, the artefacts will become the property of the allotment land owner; who was unavailable for comment. Chessington residents close to the landowner have requested that he donates the find to the community so it can be put on display at Chessington South train station, next to Oregano Pizza, and passing visitors to Chessington World of Adventures can see the area’s ancient zoological history.

Mr Valed has always been an allotment enthusiast, but said that “Today has been a special day at the allotment and a date I will never forget”.

— Update 01/04/2017 at 5pm —

Did we get you? Did you look at the date? The signs were there with a bit of help from Google translate!

  • Kõik Valed is Estonian for “All Wrong”
  • Laird, Fays Polo is an anagram of “April Fools Day”
  • Pertama Bodoh is Indonesian for “first Stupid”
  • Quo de sta Iocus is Latin for “Where the stand joke”

Happy April 1st!




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