@WoodlandTrust Trees in Chessington with help from @chessington_col and @ChessingtonGC

The Woodland Trust (@WoodlandTrust) have donated over 800 sapling trees to Chessington, as part of a community wide planting program organised by Chessington Community College and councillor Andy Johnson-Creek.

The young saplings have been lovingly looked after by Chessington Garden Centre as the planting project was planned whilst the weather got a bit warmer.

On 29th March 2017 pupils from Chessington Community College kicked off the planting programme by planting 120 trees along the boundary of the school.

CCC Saplings

The trees are a mixture of Hawthorn, Dog wood, Hazel, Silver Birch, Rowan and Oak, all around 1ft tall and once planted should be fairly self sufficient.

The trees, part of the Woodland Trust Community Tree Planting campaign, were planted under the excellent guidance of Chessington Garden Centre’s Howard Gregory, he recommended 400mm to 500mm spacing of the trees with a mulch of soil conditioner placed around the planted saplings. As you will see from the photograph, Howard’s advice was followed to the letter!


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